Old Mission Peninsula and Traverse City Wineries Map

Because of its location, close to Traverse City, the wineries located on the Old Mission Peninsula are some of the most popular in the region.

The Old Mission Peninsula divides Grand Traverse Bay roughly in half. Extending 16 miles from near downtown Traverse City, the Old Mission peninsula is home to numerous vineyards, wineries, orchards, and farms. With its rolling hills, many spectacular views of the surrounding area are abundant.

Because of its location and topography, the peninsula experiences many microclimates. Even a small change in altitude can affect the weather. Even which side of a hill or ridge can affect the climate and influence which grapes are best suited within a vineyard.

This unique combination of climate and soil creates an ideal environment for growing wine grapes with varied characteristics.  The result is a vibrant and diverse selection of wines crafted for your enjoyment. Comparing wines from one vintner to another is difficult as each vineyard has unique qualities. Your best option is to sample them all!

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